These Are The Days

And no, surprisingly I wasn’t driving when this all went down! 😂

These are the days of early mornings, crisp air, and icy water.

Of muddy boots, muddy jeans, and muddy floors.

Of sunburn and chapped hands. Of sore muscles.

These are the days.

Of late nights. Moonlit walks, twinkling stars, and a strong warm hand to hold.

Of alfalfa peeping through the crusty soil, of changing water frequently so the topsoil stays damp.

These are the days.

Of a brief rainstorm, of a long-neglected book opened, and much-longed-for snuggles on the couch.

Of steaks grilled over charcoal flames and buttery baked potatoes. Of laughing at our own silly jokes and pulling pranks. Of working through frustrations.

As you can tell, Ross has been home off the truck a lot more lately. Although the current lack of work worries me alittle, I am guiltily enjoying every minute of our time together at home ❤️

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