You Might Be A Trucker’s Wife…

•If the local Kenworth and Peterbilt dealers call you by name when you step in the door.

•If riding in the truck with your husband is a great date night idea.

•If the words “Truck Show” make you tingle with excitement.

•If you’ve ever washed dishes in a truck stop shower with shampoo instead of Dawn dish soap.

•If you eat more meals on the road than at your own kitchen table.

•If you know how to operate a pressure washer, grease gun, and impact wrench.

•If weekends are entirely too short.

•If you spend more time in town running errands and picking up parts than shopping for yourself and groceries.

•If one of your superpowers is making meals in 15 minutes or less.

•If you feel excitement at the sound of jake brakes.

•If your house get cleaned ultra-fast the minute you get that long-awaited phone call that he’s headed home.

•If your Pinterest boards include Lunchbox Ideas, Games to Play on the Road, or How to Organize Small Spaces.

•If it’s hard to fall asleep in a bed that’s soft and still.

•If you’ve ever driven 3+ hours just to spend night with your man.

•If “Be safe!” is not just a shallow parting thought when he leaves..but spoken from a deeply-loving, caring heart that worries each time could be the last time she sees him.

©️Joanie Nikkel

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