Of life and holiday spirits

Cure for bad-tempered cats:

Pull on welding gloves. Grab bad-tempered cat and stuff into a large garbage can with lid. Close lid tightly. Place on four wheeler and drive rapidly to farm 2-3 miles away. Dump cat out and drive rapidly away in the opposite direction. Take a completely different route home so bad-tempered cat cannot follow. Wait one day. Afore-mentioned cat will show up at the back door and be friendly and happy the rest of its days.

I cannot guarantee that this cure will always work but it sure did for me!

One way to pass the time while your hubby is gone on the truck is to make all your favorite recipes that he does not especially care for. List is as follows:

  • Spicy Korean Beef Tacos
  • Honey Butter Chicken over Rice
  • Mexican Soup
  • Flaky Fish Tacos
  • Farmers Spoonbread
  • Bowtie Pasta
  • Mom’s Chicken and Biscuits

Some of these recipes are in my cookbook, others have been discovered more recently.

The days are steadily getting colder.. the ground slowly freezing. I’ve been bravely trapping gophers each day. I figured if they can still dig tunnels; I can still dig holes and trap them. But of late, the ground is so frosty and hard, I can scarcely pound the stakes in, much less shovel.

Buster and I take long meandering walks nearly every day. Along with a cat or two. Ever since I got back from my last truck ride, they have scarcely let me out of their sight.

And of course, a Christmas fever has set in.. I’ve been writing in Christmas cards, shopping, wishing, singing carols at the top of my lungs in the shower, and sewing Christmas-y/wintry dresses. The stockings are beginning to bulge, and I glimpse cascades of lights around town.

Christmas is my very favorite-est time of year. It just makes me want to bake goodies for everyone I know, buy stacks and loads of presents, and sniff cinnamon pinecones in the Christmas aisles at Walmart.

But I keep reminding myself that there’s more ways to celebrate Christmas, even without spending money. Christmas is about love. Showing love to others.

It’s as simple as holding the door, wishing someone a Merry Christmas, or smiling a genuine smile at a stranger.

It’s making small talk with the weary cashier, complementing a mom on her clothes, playing peekaboo with a baby.

It’s even letting vehicles go in front of you, pushing a cart back to the return area for an older lady, or giving someone your spot in line.

Wishing you all a happy fulfilling holiday season!

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