Happiness Is…

  • A gorgeous harvest moon peeping through the livingroom window as I rock my baby to sleep
  • The never-ending laundry caught up (momentarily)
  • 5 whole hours of sleep in one stretch
  • Indirect compliments (if you don’t often get direct compliments, listen for the indirect ones 😉
  • Baby smiles and long “conversations”
  • fresh apricots off our very own fruit trees, the first crop of their lives
  • playful orange kittens
  • Rides with Ross in the truck and ordering Freddys to the grain elevator for supper
  • Changing water on a hot day, the water from the wheel line sprinklers feels sooo good on a 105* day!
  • Blooming flowers.. glorious ghalardia, daisies, garden phlox, trumpet vines, lush fragrant honeysuckle, and so many more
  • Meeting new babies, thinking of all the good times these 3 little girls will have together growing up..
  • Ready-made food in the freezer that’s easy to heat and quick to serve
  • getting mail from friends!

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