Conscious Choices

It’s been one of those weeks…

The kind where you have to bite your lip a lot to keep from saying things you’ll regret later.. (too bad there’s not a lip in my brain to bite. Cuz the thoughts still tend to swirl in there even if they don’t come out.)

Little frustrations that add up.. the dog digging up freshly planted flowers, grabbing a shirt off the clothesline and eating out an armhole where I’m pretty sure Ross doesn’t have an arm to go through.

The day you come home from town and realize that you forgot to do the most important errand which was why you went to town in the first place.

Headaches and low milk supply which in turn causes sleepless nights which causes cranky unproductive days.

A lot of life, it seems, is lived in hindsight. You make a quick decision in the moment, then later think about it more deeply and realize there would have been a much better way to go about it.

It’s then you come to a place where a conscious choice is made. You can either sit there and fret and stew about how dumb it was and regret how you made a poor decision.

Or you can lift up your head, kick out the negativity, and make a conscious choice to look forward.

Because hey, at least now you’ll know better for next time!

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